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"Providing Training Excellence for your Workplace"

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Nationwide First Aid and Health and Safety Training

We provide a Nationwide service and our courses are ideal for those located in:

  • Shropshire

  • Staffordshire

  • Cheshire

  • Hereford & Worcester

  • West Midlands

  • Wales


Welcome to Aura Training Ltd

Aura Training Ltd was created in 1992 with two simple aims - that of delivering realistically priced, high quality, jargon-free training.

But more importantly only using trainers, or assessors with background experience to underpin the subject being taught or assessed.


We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability and our consistency in delivering professional and efficient FIRST AID and

HEALTH AND SAFETY training courses to our clients.

Registration number 1162/912 (119)

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Registered company number 2731071